Installing the Okendo integration

 1. Contact Okendo Support ( to enable the LoyaltyLion integration.

2. Once enabled, login to Okendo Reviews and click LoyaltyLion under the Loyaltytab in the sidebar:

3. Configure how you would like to incentivise your reviews. You can incentivise multiple stages of the review gathering process such as adding pictures or videos to the review or logging in with a social media account. For example, you set up 100 points for leaving a review and 50 points for submitting a photo. Reviews without images will earn the reviewer 100 loyalty points while reviews with images will reward the reviewer with 150 points. Points can also be capped per order so orders with many products can't award too many points.5 - Save your changes by clicking the Save button.

4 - Your new reviews generated through mail after purchase will automatically award your customers with loyalty points in LoyaltyLion!

Click here to visit Okendo's website.

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