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What is the NPS app?

Research shows that unhappy customers tell more people about their brand experiences than happy ones. This can significantly impact revenue and reputation.

We work with thousands of ecommerce stores and all of them need better tools to evaluate NPS in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction.

This app will help you understand how likely your customers are to recommend your company or product to a friend. It will help you to find your unhappy customers and turn them into advocates, before they share their experiences with others.

At LoyaltyLion we know that long term customer loyalty and satisfaction are intrinsically linked. Using this free app you will be able to monitor your store’s overall customer satisfaction score, and see how each individual customer rated their interaction with your business.

Benefits of the app

  • Discover which of your existing customers are unhappy and at risk of churning, and take the opportunity to show them that you care

  • Monitor changes in NPS to better understand the success of individual marketing initiatives and changes to your store

  • Identify Promoters and incentivise them to act as advocates for your brand by referring others and leaving positive reviews

  • Use data from your Net Promoter Score as social proof within marketing and advertising campaigns

  • Free to use 

How does it work?

To calculate customer loyalty and satisfaction using NPS, customers are asked to state how likely they are to recommend a company or product to friends or family, using a number between 0 and 10.

Responses to this question are then grouped into:

  • Promoters (customers who answer 9-10)

  • Passives (customers who answer 7-8)

  • Detractors (customers who answer 0-6)

Your overall NPS can be calculated by subtracting the % of your customers who are Detractors, from the % of your customers who are Promoters.

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Q. Can I ask my customers for a feedback?
The NPS app helps you understand the trends your customers are manifesting helping you understand the success of individual marketing initiatives and changes to your store. Is it currently not possible to ask for additional feedback, however, you have an option to recognise which customers left the negative score, which can be used to reach out to customers directly.

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