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What is POS Cart Extension?

Starting September 2019, you can easily apply rewards for a customer directly within the Shopify POS cart.

Just select a customer and you will be able to immediately see and apply rewards that the customer is eligible to redeem (not all rewards can be redeemed via this feature - see supported reward types below).

The customer’s points will be deducted when a reward is selected:

What rewards are supported?

Supported rewards: 

  • Money off entire cart
  • Percentage discount off the entire cart
  • Free product (voucher) 

These rewards must not have a minimum spend and not be restricted by a collection or they will not work with POS cart extensions.

Not supported rewards:

  • Any discounts by collection
  • Flat and % discounts of specific products
  • Rewards that require a minimum spend 

If you’re seeing No Actions being displayed, it could be due to one of these reasons:

  • A customer isn’t selected.
  • The selected customer doesn’t have enough points to redeem POS cart extension rewards.
  • You haven’t set up any rewards that are compatible with POS cart extensions.

Note: If you wish to use rewards not supported by POS cart extensions, please refer to steps in Using LoyaltyLion within Shopify POS.

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