Campaigns are available only to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. To see which plans include Campaigns please see our pricing page

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How does the Increase Sign-ups Post-Purchase Campaign work?

Increase Signups Post-Purchase Campaign is designed to boost the conversion of your guest shoppers into loyalty program members. Customers making a purchase as a guest will receive a notification after completing an order on-site that will encourage them to sign up to your program and redeem points they obtained. 


The campaign uses A/B testing to measure the performance of your campaign. This means 50% of your guest shoppers will receive a notification on the Thank you page. The notification will encourage them to sign in and collect the points they would have gotten for their previous purchase. 

How do I set-up a campaign?

Shopify: Please add LoyaltyLion to your order status before proceeding. See here for instructions.  

Shopify Plus: Please follow the instructions to enable checkout.liquid before setting up the campaign.

To get started go to Campaign tab on your LoyaltyLion dashboard and select Create a new campaign. Once there, select Increase sign-ups post purchase. You’ll be able to amend different options like the duration of your campaign and customise the notification shown to your guest shoppers.  

When you’re satisfied with the set options click the Launch campaign at the bottom of the page.

Where can I see the results?

You can view the results in the Campaign tab. You will have access to all your Completed, Launched and Scheduled campaigns. Click on the Results button in order to see the success of your campaign. 


Q. The results page tells me that I’m waiting on results - when will it be populated?

You will see the results of your campaign when at least one customer has made it through to sign-up for control/testing groups.

Q. How do we decide who is in each group (testing/control)?

We randomly assign each customer that visits the control/testing group (50/50 chance of being in each group).

Q. Why can’t I set up the campaign?

If you are not rewarding your customers with account creation or historic points then this campaign can’t be enabled. Please amend the account creation and historic points in the View Rules section before trying to launch the campaign.

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