At present, this is a new feature that is accessible to merchants who are on our Advanced Plan.
If you would like to add post a hashtag on Instagram to your account, please contact

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What is The Instagram Rule

LoyaltyLion’s "Post a Hashtag on Instagram" activity rule allows you to offer customers points for posting a picture on Instagram and including your hashtag in their post. This is a great way to build brand awareness, customer trust and acquisition!

Note: The Instagram Rule works only on public Instagram accounts.
If a person with a private account uses the hashtag rule they will not be awarded points, as their hashtag won't be visible by our program. 

How does the Post a Hashtag on Instagram activity rule work

1. The customer needs to input their Instagram username into the activity rule "post our hashtag on Instagram" within the "earn points" section of the loyalty panel

2. The customer will then post a photo on Instagram including your sites hashtag 

3. The customer will then be given the points within an hour of posting their photo where they will receive an onsite notification

How to set up the Post a Hashtag on Instagram activity rule

1. Click on "Manage" --> "Activity Rules" --> "Create new rule"

2. Select “Post a Hashtag on Instagram”
3. Input your details:

4. Click “Create Rule” - this feature is now ready for your customers!



Q. My customer misspelled their instagram handle. Where can I change it?
If you'd like to amend the instagram handle of your customers, please reach out to us via or through our on-site chat on and we'll be happy to assist you. 


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