Campaigns are available only to Shopify and Shopify Plus merchants. To see which plans include Campaigns please see our pricing page.

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How does Increase Referrals Post-Purchase Campaign work?

Increase Referrals Post-Purchase Campaign is designed to increase your referrals. After making a purchase your customers will receive a notification on-site encouraging them to refer their friends.

How to set up a campaign?

To get started, simply go to the Campaigns tab on your LoyaltyLion dashboard. Once there, select Create a new campaign and select Increase acquisition post-purchase.
After clicking it you'll be directed to this page:

Here you can amend the duration of your campaign and the message that will be visible for your customers:

When everything is in place click Launch campaign at the bottom of the page.

Where can I see the results?

In Campaigns tab you should see all of your Completed, Live and Scheduled campaigns. 

By clicking on the Results button you’ll get access to the statistic measures: 

  • Clicks to share

  • Number of visits to your store generated from referrals

  • New orders placed through referrals

  • Referral Revenue

  • New customers enrolled through referrals

The Clicks to share keeps track of anytime the referring customer clicks on any of the referral buttons in the modal.

The Referral Revenue statistic tracks the additional revenue made by your email feature. The customer's purchase is only attributed to the email when they click through the email and purchases in the same browser session. This helps for accurate reporting as if the customer abandons their browser session and comes back to make a purchase, the revenue is no longer tied to the email. 


Q. Will referrals from campaigns be included in my normal referral metrics?
Yes, the other referrals analytics are meant to show a holistic view of your referrals, and so will include results from referral campaigns as well

Q. Why is the notification not visible for the customers?
In order for campaign to work, you need to include LoyaltyLion on your order summary page. See here, how to enable it.
If you are a Shopify Plus customer you should add us to your checkout.liquid. Instructions on how to do it can be found here

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