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The Recommendations board uses your data to prioritise loyalty tasks according to the ROI they deliver.

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What is a Recommendations board?

Recommendations board is a new development from LoyaltyLion. Combined with Insights App it is designed to deliver recommendations and actions that are going to help you increase the success of your loyalty program.  

Recommendation board will give you information on how much potential revenue you're missing out and provide specific actions that will help you deliver ROI. 

How to use the data?

Using Recommendations board is a great way to take action and re-engage your customers. Here are a few ways to use Recommendations board data to increase your average order value and repeat purchase rates:

  • Product-based rewards - using special offers, bonus points or creating product bundles, 

  • Creating a threshold for free shipping - adding an additional product into the cart in order to receive free shipping is seen as more profitable than spending the same amount for delivery, 

  • Creating rewards easy to obtain - rewards that are easy to achieve build loyalty and encourage your customers to come back to your store and spend more. Instant gratification that comes with receiving a reward right after purchase can push your customers to redeem the rewards sooner,

  • Keeping your customers updated with personalised emails - updating customers about their point balance, how far they are from the next reward or using limited-time offers with double points can boost your average order value


Q. Why is my Recommendation board is not showing any tips?
There might be few reasons why your Recommendation board is not showing any suggestions:

  • you don't have any active AOV campaign at the moment

  • your AOV campaign wasn't sufficiently (at least 3 days) long 

  • you didn't have enough orders in the past 3 months

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