• Why has my campaign stopped?

Campaigns are dependant on certain activity rules, therefore, if you disable these the campaign will no longer work.

Referral campaign: you will need to have your ‘refer a friend’ rule enabled.

  • How does the A/B testing work?

In order to measure the performance of your campaign, the notification will not be shown to all customers. We'll use A / B testing to create two variants, one group will be shown the notification, and the other will not. The group that sees the notification is called the ‘treatment group’ the group that does not see the notification is called the ‘control group’. 

To avoid bias, the user's visitor ID is run through a randomised 50 / 50 algorithm.

  • Who sees the notification and when?

Shoppers randomly selected to be in the treatment group will see the notification - in time 50% of shoppers. 

We have designed the notification to be considerate of the shopper. Therefore it will only be shown once the shopper has visited a product page. It will never be shown during checkout and it will only be shown once every 3 hours.

  • Can I control who is in my control group?

Simply put, no. When a customer arrives on your store it is not possible to know who they are therefore you cannot define a control group, instead the groups are randomly generated according to our algorithm when the shopper arrives on your store. 

The positive result of this is it gives everyone the opportunity to benefit from the feature, guests and members alike so you should see more accounts created too :)

  • Can I preview the notification?

It will look like your other notifications, which you can preview in manage>customise>notifications.

  • Can I edit the notification? 

The notification can be edited using your advanced CSS Editor. From the dashboard, go to manage>customise>Loyalty panel 

  • Why are there fewer orders in my campaign then there are on my order’s page?

Campaign results only includes orders where we are able to successfully link an order to its shopping session where we either did or did not apply the campaign's treatment. There are a number of factors that could make it difficult or impossible for us to successfully make that connection, like other checkouts (eg. ReCharge or CartHook) or other apps creating the orders - but this is not an exhaustive list and there are a variety of additional scenarios.

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