Are you looking for ways to give a special discount to the entire collection?
This reward gives you the option to give % discount for products in the entire collection - it is a great way to manage your inventory!

Follow the below steps to set up collection percentage discount (voucher)

1. Go to 'Manage' and click on 'Create new reward'
Choose 'Collection percentage discount (voucher)'
3. Enter 'Discount amount'
4. Enter 'Cost to redeem' [in points]
5. Enter 'Minimum spend' [optional]*

*Note: minimum spend will only be applicable to items purchased from the specific collection. i.e in order to qualify for this discount a customer must meet the minimum spend set for items from this specific collection

6. Write 'Terms and conditions' [optional]
7.  Enter 'Collection ID'
8. Give a 'Title' to this reward
9. Click 'Create' and the reward is ready!

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