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Shopify POS integration
Shopify POS integration

How LoyaltyLion and Shopify POS (Point of Sale) works.

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How to add LoyaltyLion to your Shopify POS?

To access LoyaltyLion from within Shopify POS, first you'd need to make sure LoyaltyLion is installed. When installing LoyaltyLion for the first time, we'll automatically install it on POS.

1. First, open your Shopify POS and click on the Add Tile

3. Next, select App on the list

Important! Make sure to add both Loyalty App and App Link to the POS

Important Reminder! Make sure to add both Loyalty App and App Link to the POS.

Loyalty App

App Link

4. Next, save these settings by clicking the button Done.

Activity Rules

Below is a list of the Rules (activities) that are supported in POS:

  • Create an account 

  • Make a purchase 

  • Bonus points: purchase a specific product

  • Bonus points: from a specific collection 

The list below shows the Rules (activities) that are NOT supported in POS:

  • Refer-a-friend

  • Newsletter signup 

  • Social media following 

  • Birthdays 

  • Custom


Below is a list of rewards, that are NOT supported in POS.

  • Redeem at checkout

  • Gift cards

  • Free shipping voucher

  • Fixed discount on a collection

  • Percentage discount on a collection

  • Money off or percentage (%) off, with collection restriction

Important! If you have rewards in place that have a minimum spend restriction (I.e: $150 off, Minimum spend $50) these will only appear via the App Link tile, not the Loyalty App tile

Collection restriction (I.e: sale items not included in reward) rewards will not appear in the POS.

Using LoyaltyLion within Shopify POS

1. If a customer wants to use a discount in the POS, first add the customer account to the checkout by clicking the Add Customer tile

2. When the customer is added, you should immediately see their point balance in one of the LL tiles

3. If you want to access:

  • Money off entire cart

  • Percentage discount off the entire cart

  • Free product (voucher)

    Please click on Loyalty App tile (the tile with points balance)

4. Here you'll see all rewards currently available for your customers. Click on the discount to apply it in the checkout.

It will add it to the cart right away.

5. If you'd like to:

  • add a different reward (eg. custom reward)

  • see what rewards have been claimed but not redeemed by the customer

  • or give them extra points

click on the App Link tile - Loyalty, rewards and referrals

And select one of the options:

  • Available rewards - that customer has already claimed but not used

  • Redeem rewards - to select a custom reward

  • Add points - to give customers extra points they can redeem right away

Seamless Free Product rewards

Seamless Free Product rewards are supported by LoyaltyLion POS and can either be script-based, or variant-based, depending on your Shopify plan level and configuration.

Script-based Seamless Free Product rewards are only available to Shopify Plus merchants with Shopify Scripts enabled and integrated with LoyaltyLion. For more information on how to do this, see here.

Script-based Seamless Free Product Rewards

This type of reward can be only redeemed and used from within the Loyalty App tile (the tile with the points balance).

Redeeming a reward:

  • If the customer has enough points, you can redeem by visiting the 'Free products' tab and selecting the seamless free product reward.

  • The reward will then be added to the cart

  • If you would like to remove the reward from the order, this can be done by removing the line item from the cart screen, as per a standard line item.

Variant-based Seamless Free Product Rewards

This type of reward can only be claimed or used on a customer's order from within the LoyaltyLion app link tile. This is the tile without the points balance.

Redeeming a reward:

  • If the customer has enough points, you can redeem from within the app link by choosing the 'Redeem' option in the Redeem Reward section

  • The reward will then appear in the 'Available Rewards' section

Adding reward to cart:

  • Once redeemed, the reward can be added to cart with the 'Add to cart' option

  • Check the cart to see that the item has been added correctly

Refunding a reward:

  • If you'd like to refund the reward to the customer, giving them back the points spent on the reward, you can choose the 'Refund' option

  • Doing so removes the reward from the 'Available Rewards' section

Disabling "add points" function

LoyaltyLion POS app supports the "Add points" button, where a merchant in the brick and mortar store can give extra points to customers for whatever reason they like. Points are immediately rewarded and can be used with the purchase in the store.

Apps on Shopify POS are split into various “tiles”. The LoyaltyLion Shopify POS app supports 3 tiles:

The “App Website” tile links the user directly to the LoyaltyLion merchant admin where they would be able to access all of the usual merchant admin functionality (including giving points).

We understand that as the store owner you might want to give different permissions to your employees. This is why we can help you hide the "add points" button and LoyaltyLion admin view in the POS app.

In order to disable the "add points" button and restrict the LL admin view from POS, follow the steps below:

  1. Please get in touch with our Support Team via the on-site chat or and our Developer Team will remove the button for you.

  2. Select the staff account you’d like to edit

  3. Scroll down to Point of Sale access and select Pos Role → Associate

Alternatively you can manually edit the permissions, but you want to make sure that Settings → Customize smart grid for device’s location is denied:

How customers are given accounts via POS

Customers will be given a guest account if they are signed up via POS. If the customer then makes a purchase, they are given an 'enrolled' LoyaltyLion account, even if they have not got a full Shopify account created on the website.

This is different from the online method, in which customers need to have a full Shopify account in order to be enrolled in LoyaltyLion. The reason for this is to ensure that POS customers, who may not visit your store's website, can still make use of the loyalty program.

Note: Customer Name, email, phone number and address is shown in Shopify POS under their customer account. However, their birthday information is not shown.


Q. How do customers claim/redeem a reward in-store using Shopify POS?
The cashier finds the customer account by email address. Once the customer is selected, rewards can be redeemed by accessing LoyaltyLion on the main screen.
Note: all POS-ready rewards that the customer can access will be displayed.

Q. If a customer earns points in-store do they automatically get updated in their online account in real time?

Q. Do I need to do anything special to ensure my customers receive points?
If a new customer purchases from your physical store for the first time, all you need to do is create a Shopify account for them on the POS interface using their email address.

If the customer was already an online customer, entering their email upon checkout will ensure he/she collects points for the purchase on their account.

Q. If a customer only buys from us in store, do they still have to go online to register or will it still be tracked just in the POS system?
 If a customer buys from you in-store and they give an email address, we'll track them and give them points. If they come back in-store again and you find them (by name, email, etc), you can open up LoyaltyLion within the POS app and use their points there and then. Optionally, they can register for a full account online (with the same email) and have access to their points there too.

Q. Can multiple LoyaltyLion discounts be applied to a single order?
 No, but we hope to support this in the future.

Q. Can a customer use a discount in-store that they claimed online?
 Yes. If a customer has used their points to claim a voucher online but has not yet used that voucher, it will appear in the list and can be applied to the POS order.

Q. Can a LoyaltyLion discount be partially applied?
 No, you'll only be able to add the discount to the order if the current cost of the order is equal to the discount's value or higher. If the cart value changes after the discount has been applied, it will be removed.

Q. Is there a limit to how many POS locations I can have?

No, there's no limit.

Q. What if I have more than one store?
You can add all of your stores to have one unified loyalty program.

Q. If a customer signs up online with the same email as they've used in-store,  will the points be synced?
Once the customer has created their account online, they'll share points and rewards with their POS account (it's the same account).

Q. If someone purchases on POS, will they appear in customers section in LL?
A customer will be a 'guest' when they sign in POS but as soon as they make a purchase they will enrol.

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