Follow this guide to batch import voucher codes into SEOshop. You'll need to know the size of the discount already (e.g. €5) and have a list of voucher codes you generated in LoyaltyLion.

1. Log in to the SEOshop back office and click on "Coupon Codes" on the menu.

2. Click on the tools icon in the top menu and in the drop down click Import

3. Ensure that the status is Activated and the type is set to Amount

4. Enter the discount amount into the Discount box, e.g. 5

5. Enter 01-01-2020 into the Validity, Up to box. This will prevent these coupon codes from expiring.

6. Click Next step at the bottom of the page

7. You should see an empty box called Codes, like the image below. You should copy and paste all your codes into this box , so that you have one code on each line.

8. When you have pasted in all your codes, click Import at the bottom of the page

9. You should be returned to the Coupon codes page with a success notification telling you how many codes were imported.

Common questions

1. The 300 voucher codes 5 that were generated at the start are not available in the SEO back office . Is there an easy way to fix this?
Yes, you can still import the codes into the SEOshop. To do this log into your LoyaltyLion account, find the reward > click 'manage voucher codes' > advanced > existing codes > copy & paste these SEO codes into

back office

& your customers will be able to use them

2. Today a customer tried to use a voucher code 10, code LL10-**********, is available in the SEO
back office , but is not working, the customer gets the message "unexisting code"
This could be happening for one of two reasons, the voucher has expired > check your SEO settings or the voucher hasn't been imported


SEO shop. If it's not in SEOshop follow the steps above.

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