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[SEOshop] Uninstall LoyaltyLion
[SEOshop] Uninstall LoyaltyLion
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Note: uninstalling LoyaltyLion directly from SEOshop will automatically cancel your subscription 

You can uninstall LoyaltyLion on SEOshop by logging in to your SEOshop backoffice and following these steps:

  1. In your SEOshop backoffice, click on App Store in the menu on the left, and then click the My Purchases tab 

2) Find LoyaltyLion in the list of apps and click the red delete button 

3) Click Design in the menu on the left, and then open the Template Editor. Find the LoyaltyLion Snippet in this list. Click the red delete button to remove the snippet 

4) LoyaltyLion has now been completely removed from your store. Thanks for trying us out!

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