Merchants with under 800 orders a month told us they wanted more sophisticated loyalty features on their Free Plan without the need to move up onto the LoyaltyLion paid plans. That's why we created enhancements. Now merchants can choose the features they want and add them to their plan.

See below for the price of individual enhancements. If you want to add a few enhancements, it might be more cost effective to move up a plan so feel free to reach out to and we will be happy to help :)

Offer points for engagement   

  • Reward Facebook, Twitter and Instagram activity:  $19/mo   
  • Newsletter signup & reward birthdays: $5/mo   
  • Any on-site activity: you can manually trigger a custom rule for any customer, or trigger it via our API:  $19/mo  
  • reviews: $10/month
  • Loox reviews: $10/month
  • Shopify reviews:  $10/mo   
  • Refer-a-friend: $15/mo  
  • Bonus points for purchases: $5/mo   


  • Percentage discount: $5/mo  
  • Free shipping voucher: $5/mo   
  • Free product: $5/mo   
  • Discount specific product: $5/mo 

Custom rewards  

  • Create custom, free-form rewards, with fulfillment handled by you: $5/mo 


  • Customer emails:  $59/mo     


  • Customise loyalty panel and widget: $10/mo  
  • No LoyaltyLion branding:  $10/mo   
  • Customise language:  $10/mo  
  • Support for Shopify currency conversion: $25/mo  


Common Questions

How do I purchase an individual feature?
 In order to purchase individual enhancement features simply log into LoyaltyLion and on your dashboard click the Enhance LoyaltyLion tab. You simply turn on the ones you want and if at any point you change your mind, you just turn them off.

What plans does LoyaltyLion have?
 Please see here for plans and pricing

What happens if my order count rises once I have signed up to the program?
If this is the case for more than two consecutive months and you pay monthly we will contact you to discuss upgrading your LoyaltyLion account to the relevant plan.

If you pay annually, your amount will not change until your next renewal date should your order volume have increased by then.

What enhancements are the most popular amongst LL customers?

The most popular enhancement! Are you looking for a solution to acquire new customers whilst keeping loyal customer engaged? Refer a Friend is the one! > Read How to set it up and How to increase referrals 

2. Reward Facebook, Twitter, Instagram activity
 Do you want to increase engagement and visibility on your social media pages? Don’t miss out on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram rule where you can give your customers points in exchange for likes and follows

3. Customise Loyalty Panel and Widget
 You worked hard to make everything on your website look on brand, right? That’s why LL gives you access to HTML and CSS editor where you can make your Loyalty Panel completely match your brand!

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