This activity rule rewards reviews placed through the Product Reviews app by Shopify - you must install it before activating the rule. Every review will earn points as soon as it is submitted. If you have auto-publish turned off, we'd suggest setting a pending period on the points awarded. Please note: if a customer mistypes their email address we won't be able to award them their points.

1. Click on "Manage" --> Activity Rules --> Create new rule

2. Select "Write a product review"

3. Enable review notifications: open your Shopify Reviews settings here ('Settings' --> 'Product reviews' --> 'Notification')

4. Add the LoyaltyLion address: add your unique LoyaltyLion email address in your notification settings in Shopify Reviews

5. Forward emails: We will forward the review emails to you at this address. Leave blank if you don't want to receive any review emails:


Customers need to provide their email address with the review so we can find their customer account - you need to ensure that you enable address collection for Shopify Product reviews. To set this up, you will need to edit the "Review form text" in the Product Reviews app Settings:

Customers need to provide their email address with the review so we can find their customer account.

If you don't have the email field enabled, go to your Product Reviews app settings by logging into your store admin, navigating to the Apps section and opening the Product Reviews app.

  1. Once inside the app, click the "Settings" button at the top:
  2. Scroll down to the "Review form text" section and enable the email field if it is not already:

We recommend making the email field required, as it will reduce the chance of a customer forgetting to add their email address when they leave a review and missing out on their points.

Once you have enabled the email field, don't forget to save your changes with the button at the top of the page:

The changes should take effect immediately. If you have any problems, get in touch with us at

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