Why LoyaltyLion and Ometria?

Ometria helps you create marketing experiences that your customers will love. Using this alongside LoyaltyLion helps make it easy to pull in important data, use it to personalise your marketing content, target your campaigns, review your results and optimise performance. 

Benefits of integrating with Ometria:

  • Increase repeat purchases with reward available emails
  • Engage with customers via monthly loyalty summary emails
  • Increase customer acquisition with referral prompt emails
  • Target specific customer groups with segmentation and offer richer personalisation

Installing the Ometria integration:

  1. Navigate to your integrations portal here and click 'Install Integration' next to Ometria 
  2. Follow the instructions on the page
  3. Click 'Install integration'

What fields are synchronised to Ometria? 

Please see below for a complete list of merge fields we sync:

  • Total Points:  loyaltylion_total_points 
  • Approved points: loyaltylion_approved_points 
  • Pending points: loyaltylion_pending_points 
  • Lifetime points: loyaltylion_lifetime_points 
  • Spent points: loyaltylion_spent_points 
  • Number of rewards claimed: loyaltylion_rewards_claimed 
  • Date enrolled in program: loyaltylion_enroll_date    
  • Referral URL: loyaltylion_referral_url  
  • Loyalty Tier: loyaltylion_tier_name 
  • Birthday: loyaltylion_birthday 
  • Insights segment: loyaltylion_insights_segment

Do I need to provide a brand new API key?

Yes, we much prefer it if you use a new Ometria API key. The allows us to have a dedicated link to your Ometria integration, which makes it easier to debug and also makes it more obvious that that key is specifically for use with LoyaltyLion.

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