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What are campaigns?

Our Campaigns area is a new exciting development from LoyaltyLion. This area will give you the ability to run time-limited experiments with A/B testing so you can review the results and optimise over time. 

Campaigns are designed to help you increase revenue and focus your time where it matters. 

The first Campaign we are releasing is our “AOV bonus points campaign” which is designed to help you increase the AOV of shoppers. 

How does the AOV bonus points campaign work?

A notification is displayed to your customers explaining that if they spend over your AOV they will automatically earn bonus points. You decide how many bonus points to give.

How do I set up a campaign?

To get started, simply go to the "Campaigns" tab on your LoyaltyLion dashboard. Once here, select "Create a new campaign", where you'll be directed to the below page: 

Here, you can follow the steps to customise this feature in such a way that best integrates with your store. When you're finished, click "Launch campaign" as shown here: 

For more information & FAQS on our Campaigns feature, please view this article: 

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