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Why Loyalty Lion and collects, manages and displays product reviews for you, including in-email review forms, pictures, social push, rich snippets, Google Shopping, All Reviews page, product groups and more. 

Using and LoyaltyLion together allows you to use loyalty points to incentivise customers to leave product reviews.

Benefits of integrating with

  • Use rewards to incentivise customers to generate product reviews
  • Add incentives to post-purchase engagement and drive quality traffic.

Installing the integration

1. Create a LoyaltyLion custom rule with the "Identifier" as "judgeme_review"

2. In your LoyaltyLion account, click on "Manage" --> "Configuration" --> "Settings"

3. From application > integrations tab > LoyaltyLion integration > enter "Token" and "Secret"> click save to integrate

Click here to visit's website. 

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