Free product as reward

Can you give a free product as a reward?

Yes! You can now provide your customers with a specific product using the 'Free product' reward.

Can I create a reward that is a percentage of the product so that it isn't free?

Yes! Choose the 'Product discount' reward, enter the Product ID and choose a variant if prompted, then enter a discount amount.

I looked at my new reward in Shopify and it says it is a 'Fixed amount' discount, why?

Your 'Free product' and 'Product discount' rewards will appear in Shopify as 'Fixed amount' discounts, rather than 'Percentage discount' discounts because Shopify applies the percentage discount to all items in a customer's cart that match a Product ID, as opposed to just one. Hence, to match expected behaviour - of discounts only applying to one item - we save the reward as a 'Fixed amount' discount that matches the particular percentage discount.

Can I choose multiple variants for the same reward?

No, currently you can only choose one variant per reward.

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