What happens to points if a customer receives a refund or returns the purchased product?

If a customer in your store returns the purchase/receives a refund, the points will automatically be removed.

How this is done:

The store automatically sends our system a message via callback (also known as webhooks) for the returned order, we then remove any points that were accumulated for that particular purchase.

 This all happens automatically in the background.

If for any reason you believe the points have not been adjusted, please contact us via  support@loyaltylion.com and we will be happy to check for you. 

What happens if the customer has already spent their points when their order is refunded?

We suggest setting an "approval period" on points earned by purchases, equal to the return period your store policy allows.

Until the approval period is up, your customer will see their points in their account but will not be able to spend them on rewards.

The approval period starts at the moment the order is marked as paid.