Loyalty Tiers

LoyaltyLion offers stores on our Classic plan and above access to Loyalty Tiers.

Find out more here:  https://loyaltylion.com/docs/enterprise/loyalty-tiers

If you'd like to use Loyalty Tiers, please contact your LoyaltyLion account manager for an onboarding call.

Point Tiers

You now have the option to base your tiers on points as opposed to a customer's spending. The tier that a user is in is determined by how many approved points a user has earned in the last twelve months. When a user earns more points and moves over the boundary, e.g. from 499 to 500 points in the example below, they will move from the lowest tier to the middle tier.

Because tiers are determined by approved points as opposed to current points, when a user spends points, this does not move them down a tier.

If you want to make use of point-based tiers and you are on the classic plan or above, at tier creation, simply change the slider from 'Spend' to 'Points'.

Your boundaries will then change to points, which you can then set to be any value up to 999,999 points.

I haven't set my tiers up yet, how do I use point-based loyalty tiers?

If you are on the Classic plan or above, then navigate to 'Manage Tiers' in your Manage section. After you have created your tiers, change the boundaries slider to 'Points' and then fill in the lower boundary for each tier, up to a value of 999,999 points.

Can I change from monetary tiers to points tiers?

Once you launch your tiers program, you can't make any changes. If you do want to completely close your current tiers program and go through the set up process again, please contact us at support@loyaltylion.com.