Do points expire?

By default, points in LoyaltyLion do not expire. However, this feature is available on selected plans. Please visit our plans and pricing page to see what plan this feature is available on. Please contact your account manager for access.

How to enable point expiry

Once you have access, you can enable it in your program settings.

How the expiration period works

When a customer has not made any purchases for the duration you've set, their point balance will become expired - they will no longer be able to spend any of these points.

Will my customers be notified if their points are about to expire?

Yes! Once you've enabled point expiry, you can automatically email the affected customers - encouraging them to redeem their points or make a purchase to keep their existing balance.

Are points a financial liability?

Note: If you're wondering whether points count as a financial liability - they normally don't. Here is more information: