I have not seen any ROI on this program... Am I doing something wrong?

In general loyalty programs take a while to start working because your customers need to earn enough points to use. 


  1. Email all members who have enough points for a reward - you can do this using LoyaltyLion on our $159 plan or manually by going to the members page and clicking export and using a tool like mailchimp (https://login.mailchimp.com/signup)
  2. Add a friend offer to your referrals -  Go to manage > view rules  > edit 'refer a friend'
  3. Tell your customers about your loyalty program on Facebook, Twitter and via your newsletter


1. Double point weekend

Vary the points you offer > Try doubling the points for a weekend and creating a marketing campaign around it, You can track the results in your account.

2. Give lots of points

A high percentage of points are never redeemed so give lots! The cost to your business is small and they boost repeat purchases. Try increasing the number of points you offer and track what happens to activity.