Sending a 'Welcome' email with Bronto

Step 0: Install your Bronto / LoyaltyLion integration

If you haven't done so already, you can see instructions here.

Step 1: Set up a segment for your program members

In your Bronto account, navigate to Tables -> Segments

In the top right hand corner, hit 'Create New Segment'

Name your segment 'Loyalty Program Members'

In your first criterion, select 'Contacts' and then 'Fields'

You should see the fields you chose to sync when you set up your LoyaltyLion/Bronto integration. Select 'll_enroll_date'.

Choose 'Is Not Empty' as your condition.

You're done! Hit 'Save and Close'.

Step 2: Design your Welcome Email

See an 'Editing emails in Bronto' guide here.

Step 3: Create your Workflow

Now that your email is set up, head over to Automation ->  Workflows:

We'll trigger this email every time a customer enters the 'Loyalty Program Member' segment you set up earlier.

In your Node Palette, choose a 'Segment Membership Change' node:

Choose 'Added To' and then the segment 'Loyalty Program Members' you created in Step 1:

Finally, add a 'Send Email' node,

Set the message type to 'Transactional'

And finally, pick the message you set up in step 2:

And there you have a basic welcome email!

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