Customise the design of LoyaltyLion

You can customise the design of your loyalty program to match your store. 

Step 1: Log into your LoyaltyLion merchant account:

Step 2: Click "Manage", then under 'customise' on the left hand side you will see loyalty panel, loyalty widget and notifications listed. You can customise all of these sections to blend in with your stores design.

Step 3: To customise the panel, click 'loyalty panel' - here you can choose the colour of your loyalty panel, there is also a custom HTML and CSS further down the page which will enable you to add your logo into the panel and customise things like the icons and font as you wish. 

Screen shot:

Step 4: To customise the widget, click "loyalty widget" on the left hand side- here you can choose the layout and the colour of the widget or turn the widget off and add to your header. There is also an advanced section with custom HTML and CSS further down the page.

Screen shot:

Step 5: To customise the notifications click 'notifications' on the left hand side - here you can choose to turn on notifications, (recommended) choose where to display them on your page and use the custom HTML and CSS.

Screen shot:

Please note: Custom HTML and Custom CSS are only available on paid plans - if you are thinking about upgrading, don't hesitate to get in touch.