How do I choose how much the points are worth

Choosing how much the loyalty points are worth:

You have the option to choose how many points it costs for your customers to redeem their points for rewards to use at your store.

When deciding how much each discount should cost in points, you need to keep in mind how many points customers earn for each purchase. 

For example, if you have set your 'Make a purchase rule' to give 5 points per every $1 spent, this means that after they've spent $100, they'll have 500 points. *Your customers can earn points from the other "actions" also, however the majority of their points will be earned from purchases.

When setting up the rewards, you decide the 'cost' of each reward (how many points are required to claim the reward).

Using the above example, if a customer has spent $100 they would have received 500 points, If you'd like to give 5% back to your customers through the loyalty program you could setup a 'money off' reward where a customer who spent $100 would be able to exchange their 500 points for a $5 reward discount code. In the 'create a reward' you would select 'Money off' type > enter $5 for the amount to give then enter 500 points in the cost to redeem.

* We recommend to give a maximum of 5% back.