MailChimp integration

You can use the built-in MailChimp integration in LoyaltyLion to automatically sync loyalty data to members of a MailChimp list.

How to install

Please see if this feature is available on  your  plan . If this is you can install our MailChimp integration from your integrations page.

What fields are synchronised?

We currently sync the following merge fields to each member:

  • Points (total, approved, pending, spent, lifetime)
  • Number of rewards claimed
  • Date enrolled in  program
  • Customer's unique referral link
  • Loyalty Tier 
  • Birthday

Note that we create these fields as private fields, i.e. they will not automatically appear in sign-up forms or similar. You should take care not to delete or change the attributes of the fields manually in the MailChimp interface

How do I use these fields in Mailchimp emails?

Every field is exposed as a merge field and can be used in emails the same way as other fields like "FNAME". The complete list of merge fields we sync are:

  • L_TPOINTS - Points (total)
  • L_APOINTS - Points (approved/redeemable)
  • L_PPOINTS - Points (pending)
  • L_SPOINTS - Points (spent)
  • L_LPOINTS - Points (lifetime)
  • L_RCLAIMED - Rewards claimed
  • L_JOINDATE - Date enrolled in program
  • L_REFLINK - Referral link
  • L_BIRTHDAY - Customer Birthday

How and when do we push updates to Mailchimp?

Whenever a customer changes in LoyaltyLion (e.g. by earning or redeeming points) LoyaltyLion will update a matching customer in your chosen list who has the same email address. If the list does not contain a member with the same email address, we won't do anything.

We will update any member of the list, even if they are not subscribed - this is useful if you use MailChimp to send transactional emails.

The update to MailChimp is usually very quick - within minutes of the customer changing.

What happens to customers who aren't on my list already?

Because we don't know if a customer has opted in to receiving email from you, we're not permitted to add them to your Mailchimp list.

If you're on Shopify, we recommend using the  Mailchimp app to build your list; it supports both independent signup forms which you can embed on your store and syncs with the "newsletter signup" checkbox during checkout.

When a customer who isn't on your list is later added to your list through another source, LoyaltyLion will sync to Mailchimp as soon as they take an action (earning or spending points) within the Loyalty Program.

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