How do I display the points a customer will earn for a specific product? (Lightspeed)

Note: this guide involves editing your Lightspeed theme - don't attempt this unless you're comfortable working with HTML and CSS.

  1. Open your `product.rain` or equivalent
  2. Find an element that already contains the product's price - it will look something like this:
    <span class="price">{{ product.price.price | money }}{% if == 'strict' %} <small>&#42;</small>{% endif %}</span><br>
  3. Add the attribute data-lion-points-price:
    <span class="price" data-lion-points-price='{{}}'>{{ product.price.price | money }}{% if == 'strict' %} <small>&#42;</small>{% endif %}</span>
  4. Finally, elsewhere on the page add an element to be populated with the point balance:
    You'll get <span data-lion-points-for-id='{{ }}'>0</span> lion points!

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