Klaviyo integration

Does LoyaltyLion integrate with Klaviyo?

Yes! To set it up head to your account  here.

Which plans is it available on?

To see which plan Klaviyo integration is available on please see the pricing page

If Klaviyo isn't listed on your integrations page within LoyaltyLion and you would like it, please contact support@loyaltylion.com and you can have it added for an additional monthly charge. 

What data will it sync to my Klaviyo account?

You can choose which fields you're interested in:They'll show up as the following properties on your contacts in Klaviyo:

Total Points
Tiers  loyalty_tier
Approved points points_approved
Pending points points_pending
Lifetime points points_lifetime
Spent points points_spent
Number of rewards claimed rewards_claimed
Date enrolled in program enroll_date
Referral URL 
Birthday birthday