Shopify single use referral discount voucher

This walkthrough will show you how to create a discount code on Shopify which can only be used on a customer's first order.

This type of discount is ideal to use as part of a referral campaign as it can effectively only be used once per account (on their first purchase), and cannot be used by existing customers who have already ordered before.

1) In your Shopify admin, go to your "Customers" page

2) Click on "Filter customers" and add the following filter:

3) Click "Add Filter" and then on the right, click "Save this Search". In the popup, save it as a new search and give it a name like "Customers with 0 Orders", then click "Save"

4) Add a new discount, and in the "Discount type" section, set it so it can only be used by customers in the group you just created:

5) Save the discount You now have a discount code which can be used only on a customer's first order.

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