Reward Yotpo reviews with points

LoyaltyLion has partnered with Yotpo so you can incentivise and increase mail after purchase reviews by giving your customers loyalty points. 

Enabling this feature takes less than 4 minutes. 


  1. Log into your LoyaltyLion account
  2. Click manage > create new rule and select 'Leave a review via Yopto'  (to see which plans include this please see the pricing page. If you don't see this rule contact and they will help you)

3. Once you're here all you have to do is follow the steps on screen

The most important step is to include your Yotpo API key, if you don't know where it is don't worry, the link circled in purple we will explain how to find it. 

4. Once you've completed the steps click 'create rule' and you're done :) Your customers will now automatically earn points when they leave a mail after purchase review.