Explain the technical integration….on desktop

LoyaltyLion has two parts: the visual elements (Loyalty Panel, Widget, Notifications) and the tracking/rewarding.

Visual elements:

To make the visual elements work the business adds our JavaScript SDK (software development kit) to their site. It’s a small snippet of JavaScript code that’s added to the main template (it’s literally a copy and paste job). Once this is there our widget will appear and if someone clicks it, it will open the Loyalty Panel.

If they want a more customised feel, they turn the widget off and add a HTML link to the LoyaltyLion panel in the header (or wherever). If they don’t want the Loyalty Panel to open in a new window they embed it on a page; normally within the account section.

Tracking and rewarding:

To make the tracking and rewarding work, the business has to communicate the progress of an activity (sign up, review, purchase) to LoyaltyLion via our API. For example, when the account created page loads a message is sent to LoyaltyLion, we register this activity as done and assign points to the customer.

For a number of activities, we have pre-defined the message that is sent to LoyaltyLion, which saves your team time. We also give the ability to create custom activities e.g. photo upload. These take a few minutes more to set up (as you need to go into the Merchant account and decide the message tell LL, once this is done you send the message via the API in the same way).

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