Voucher code problems - SEOshop

1. The 300 voucher codes 5 that were generated at the start are not available in the SEO backoffice. Is there an easy way to fix this?

> Yes, you can still import the codes into the SEOshop. To do this log into your LoyaltyLion account, find the reward > click 'manage voucher codes' > advanced > existing codes > copy & paste these SEO codes into backoffice & your customers will be able to use them

2. Today a customer tried to use a voucher code 10, code LL10-**********, is available in the SEO backoffice, but is not working, customer gets the message "unexisting code"

> This could be happening for one of two reasons, the voucher has expired > check your SEO settings, or the voucher hasn't been imported to SEO shop. If it's not in SEOshop follow the steps above.

Hope this helps