How do I change the icons for activities on my Loyalty Panel?

This is an advanced guide - having some experience with HTML and CSS is recommended.

First, log into your admin account and navigate to "manage -> customise -> loyalty panel"

Next, scroll down and click "open css editor"

In the CSS editor, change the icon image to one of your choice:

#page-earn .activity.activity-purchase .picture {
    	background: #fff url( no-repeat 50% 50%; 

Replace the url "" with a link to an icon hosted on your store.

Add a second rule to change the icon for guests:

#guest-splash .earn li .icon.purchase {
	background: #fff url( no-repeat 50% 50%; 

Replace ".activity-purchase"  and ".purchase" with the following depending on which rule you want to change:

Rule CSS - logged in users CSS - guests
Make a Purchase .activity-purchase
Visit the site .activity-pageview
Refer a Friend .activity-referral
Signup N/A .signup
Signup for newsletters .activity-newsletter_signup .newsletter_signup
Facebook Like .activity-facebook_like .facebook_like
Instagram Follow .activity-instagram_follow .instagram_follow
Twitter Follow .activity-twitter_follow .twitter_follow
Birthday .activity-birthday .birthday

You're done! Hit "Publish" to save your changes.